Eight Health Benefits of a Medical Massage

A massage is often associated with a relaxing experience that is just designed for a day off or a spa treatment. But massages have real medical purposes, which is why it takes massage therapists thousands of hours to obtain the qualities they need to become licensed at their profession.

A medical massage can help someone who is dealing with stress, pain, long term injury or fatigue. Here are eight health benefits of a medical massage:

  1. Pain Relief

Many people who experience long term pain in their back, shoulders or other parts of the body can get relief through a medical massage. The concept behind a massage for pain relief is to target the areas of the body that are causing pain receptors to reach the brain.

When those muscles, tendons and ligaments are targeted, the patient can get a lot of relief. For those who suffer long term pain in a part of their body, regular massages may be necessary. Many doctors will tell patients it is a good idea for them to get a massage once a week to keep the pain at bay.

  1. Limit Inflammation

Inflammation can be the result of poor diet, fatigue, a medical condition or excessive activity in the past few weeks. A medical massage can help to treat inflammation as it boosts the flow of blood into specific areas. Someone who is suffering from inflammation in a part of their body will feel a lot better after they get a massage.

  1. Boost Blood Circulation

Blood circulation can be a major issue for some people, especially as they get older. Blood may not flow properly to certain parts of the body. A massage can help to loosen up the body and ensure that blood is flowing everywhere it is meant to go!

It is part of the reason why massage therapists go through so much training, as very precise types of massaging help boost blood circulation.

  1. Energy Increase

When someone is done receiving a massage, they often feel more energetic and active than before. It is because the muscles in the body are refreshed, which can make a person feel like they got an energy boost.

  1. Digestion Assistance

Massage has a positive impact on the contraction of muscles in the digestive tract, which can help those who suffer from constipation. It is why many home remedies for constipation include massaging the stomach area. A medical massage from a professional will be a lot more effective than something you could do at home!

  1. Muscle Recovery

Athletes can benefit hugely from medical massages, as they are better able to recover from fatigue. Athletes regularly push their bodies to the limit during training and matches. When they receive a medical massage, their body is better able to recover in the days after a heavy training session or competition.

  1. Posture Improvement

When someone suffers an injury to their back, shoulders or knees, the result is often bad posture. It is because the patient is trying to continue walking or performing activities without making their pain worse. A massage therapist can work with the patient to alleviate the pain and other symptoms they experience in those areas, promoting better posture.

  1. Headache Relief

Patients who suffer from regular headaches or migraines may want to see a specialist for a medical massage. The right type of massage on the head, neck and shoulders can help to relieve such headaches. Massage therapy is more effective for chronic headaches or migraines, compared to headaches that are brought on by dehydration or a short term illness.