About Us

Working as a massage therapist is a difficult career, especially given the perception many have about massages for health purposes. There is still a backward mentality when it comes to massage therapy, where people assume that it is only for relaxation and does not have any medical purposes.

However, working as a qualified health massage therapist requires much studying and certification. The requirements are different in each province, which is why those who want to go into the profession need a great resource for information. When we created our community site, we wanted to make it a one-stop resource for anyone who was interested in becoming a massage therapist.

It is why we have links to various region-specific resources, along with general information on how to get into this career. We also have blog and forum sections, where we provide our users with a variety of information. The blog is for our talented writers and freelancers, who have various opinions on the state of massage therapy in Canada.

Our forum is possibly the most active section of the site, as it allows any of our readers to create a free account. The forum is organized in different sections, allowing readers access to information about different topics. Anyone can create a thread or comment on existing threads. We wanted to create an open space where massage therapists could talk with each other about the profession.

Whether you are an experienced massage therapist or you are just getting into the profession, we believe that our site has some valuable resources for you. We hope that you will be able to use these resources to further your career. Sometimes it is great to hear from others who are going through the same journey as you.

We hope to expand the site in the coming months by adding different sections and more detailed information for prospective massage therapists in Canada.